Judgment Recovery Texas – Researching Debtor Assets to Collect Your Judgment

Judgment collection hinges upon locating debtor assets. Most debtors have assets. The debtors that allow a judgment to be taken against them likely either: 1) do not have the money to pay for an attorney to defend the suit or to pay the debt, 2) simply ignore the lawsuit and judgment and hope that you will go away, or 3) are professional-grade deadbeat debtors determined not to pay.

National Judgment Recovery Center, LLC uses a four step process to identify and evaluate debtor assets:

Identify the debtors and their known addresses and other contact data and the companies they (if the debtors are individuals)
Identify non-exempt assets owned by the debtors
Research the asset specific liens and involuntary liens
Determine the most appropriate method of collection for this debtor
The first step is to evaluation the judgment and abstract of judgment to determine the debtors. In some cases, proper parties have been omitted. Several common examples are the spouse of a married debtor, or an individual whose company is not in good standing with state authorities. Regrettably, short of filing a new suit, it is difficult to remedy such defects. Only the debtor’s property can be used to collect. However, in community property states, there are tricks of the trade to get to the debtor’s interest in the community property titled in the name of the spouse.

Once the names have been listed, identify every possible address and detail for each of the debtors. Whenever possible, supplement the debtor names with information such as middle initial, middle name, year of birth, driver’s license, social security number, etc. There are a variety of free and fee-based services to research this information. Professional judgment recovery firms also have proprietary databases with sophisticated capabilities not available in the free and fee-based services.

The next step in collecting your judgment is to identify the debtor’s assets. Research both the names and addresses of each of the debtors in Google, Google street view, appraisal district website, real property deed records, secretary of state records, and other public and fee-based services.

After identifying assets, research both voluntary liens (i.e. mortgages) and involuntary liens (I.R.S liens, state liens, judgments, etc). Compare the value of the asset to the amount of debts. Is there enough equity? Should you ask a sheriff to sell the property? If there is business personal property, does it really exist? I.e., is the business still operating?

The last step is to develop a plan of action to motivate the debtor to pay you. Make the pain to the debtor of not paying greater than the pain of paying. Writs of execution to require a constable to sell their property are often effective in helping a debtor “find” resources to pay you.

In summary, the steps are to: 1) identify the debtors, 2) research their assets, 3) research debt related to the assets and 4) develop a plan of action to motivate the debtor to pay you.

What Are The Major Benefits Of 3D Printing?

What exactly is 3D printing? Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is the method of creating three-dimensional structures from a computer file by layering material on top of each other.

Today, more businesses across a wide range of industries are adopting 3D printing because it offers many advantages over conventional manufacturing methods such as subtractive manufacturing and injection molding.

Rapid prototyping is one of the most significant benefits of 3D printing technology. Rapid prototyping refers to the ability to design, produce, and test a customized component in a short amount of time. In addition, if necessary, the design can be changed without affecting the manufacturing process’s pace.

A prototype used to take weeks to make before the 3D printing industry took off. Any time an adjustment was made, the procedure was extended by a few weeks. With delivery times taken into account, completely producing a product from beginning to end could easily take a year.

3D printing is the most cost-effective manufacturing method for limited production runs and applications. Traditional prototyping methods such as CNC machining and injection molding needed a large number of costly machines, as well as a high level of labor, as they require skilled machine operators and technicians to operate them.

On-Demand Printing
Another benefit of print on demand is that, unlike conventional manufacturing methods, it does not need a lot of room to store inventory. This saves both space and money because there is no need to print in bulk unless it is absolutely necessary.

Parts that are both strong and light
Plastic is the most commonly used 3D printing material, but certain metals can also be used. Plastics, on the other hand, have the advantage of being lighter than their metal counterparts. This is especially relevant in industries like automotive and aerospace, where light-weighting is a concern and higher fuel efficiency can be achieved.

Value For Money
Traditional manufacturing methods can lead to shoddy designs and, as a result, shoddy prototypes. Consider baking a cake, in which all of the ingredients are combined and mixed together before being baked. If the ingredients were not properly combined, the cake would have issues such as air bubbles or failing to bake thoroughly. The same thing can happen by using subtractive or injection techniques; consistency isn’t always guaranteed.

Traditional manufacturing methods can lead to subpar prototypes due to poor design. Consider baking a cake, in which all of the ingredients are combined and mixed before being baked. If the ingredients aren’t thoroughly combined, the cake can develop air bubbles or fail to bake thoroughly. Similarly, accuracy is not always guaranteed by using subtractive or injection methods.

Environmentally friendly
This method is inherently environmentally friendly because it reduces the amount of material waste. When you consider factors like improved fuel efficiency from using lightweight 3D printed parts, the environmental benefits become even greater.

Risk Reduction
Because of the advantages of Quality and Consistency described above, 3D printing helps a company to reduce its manufacturing risks. Product designers may use 3D printing technology to test product prototypes before making large-scale production investments that could be disastrous.


3D printing has amazing benefits in the modern world. You can even create a large house with the help of 3D printing. 3D is just the beginning and you must know that 4D printing is also on its way!!

A brief guide about various circuit breakers

As a house owner, you are always concerned about the safety and security of the people living in there and try to ensure that everything that could cause a short circuit, burnout, or electrocution must be placed with the utmost courtesy and, therefore, before the placement of American Breakers people often likes to research so that they choose some of the best options that are available in the market. And thankfully so there is no shortage of the kind of different circuit breakers that helps to prevent any such accidents in the house.

Cutler Hammer Breakers and Tandem breakers are some of the common breakers that are used by most of the house owners, but before you could choose one of those who your household, it is important to note that each of the circuit breakers comes with its own weaknesses and limitations and therefore if you are not a tech-savvy person either you go to the professional technician for recommendations or read the article below to get some guidance.

Why you should choose Cutler hammer breaker:

One of the most popularly known name in the circuit world are the Cutler hammer circuit breakers they are designed to match the needs of almost all the industries, commercial as well as the residential purposes.

All those industries and commercial spaces that operate on high energy demand look for the cutler hammer energy breakers to ensure the safety and security of the place.

Those places like mining industry, military purposes and for those who are associated with the commercial purposes all try and ensure the presence of the Cutler-Hammer breakers as they are highly reliable and recommended by most of the experts who have been in the industry and using the same brand for a long time.

One of the main reasons Eaton and Cutler hammer breakers have waved off in the market is also because they have gained the reputation of the unmatchable product and also made sure that the product quality is never compromised. Moreover, the amazing prices offered by Cutler and hammer are to make sure that their Circuit breakers are available at prices that nobody else does in the business.

Tandem breakers:

For all those people who are familiar with the different kinds of Breakers available in the market, Tandem breakers are also one of its similar types. When you see a single slot made for the circuit breaker, but you are able to adjust two of them, then you have identified them as the Tandem circuit breaker.

They are also popularly known as the Cheat breakers, which is the most popular and common term used by the technicians for tandem breakers.

Because you are able to fit two slots in a place that is specifically designed for one, and thus the name is justifiable for its use.

Many people are of the viewpoint that most are Tandem breakers safer to use or not. It is, however, important to check up on your panel where you are easily able to adjust the Circuit breaker and how you are going to install the system successfully into the panel board.

If these Circuit breakers were not safer to use, many of the reputable brands does not allow the circuit breakers used in their products, and therefore, the question for the safety and security of the Tandem circuit board is answered.

Circuit breakers and the panel board:

It is extremely important to know whether your panel board allows a tandem circuit breaker in the slots or not. Because if your panel board doesn’t support your circuit board, it could end up with disastrous results.

Proper usage of Tandem Circuit breakers:

If you are not a technician and still want to try your hand at the panel breakers, then you should read up on the instructions that are given on the panel board to avoid any kind of hazardous activity.

Moreover, the circuit diagram also allows you to learn more and more about the capacity of the panel breakers. Learning from the circuit diagram, if you have calculated that the panel board only supports 30 circuits, don’t ever try and incorporate the circuit board into this panel because then it will result in some disastrous results, and you may face serious consequences.

And if the damage has already been created and there is a malfunction of the circuit breaker, then we would recommend you to go for the complete replacement of the panel board to ensure that next time you install the circuit breakers, you don’t have to face any such results.

React Native App Development Trends to Look out for in 2021

Technological innovation is experienced, and the reason is React Native App Solutions. With each changing year, new trends and changes have been encountered. In 2021, there are technological advancements which we’ll be discussing further giving you an overview of the latest trends to be followed by React Native App Developers. But before going in-depth about the trends that for sure every React Native App Development Company will be offering to their clients, let’s look at the role of mobile phones in our day-to-day life.

We wake up by an alarm, manage work tasks with reminders and socialize our personal life. Not only this to keep a check on our health we’re dependent on mobile phones. This dependency has made technology to come with more impressive and advanced solutions. It would be fair enough to say mobile development is renewing and will be in the upcoming years. But, for now, we’ll talk about the react native app solutions trends in 2021.

IoT (Internet of Things)
The IoT technology comes with multiple opportunities helping us manage our daily tasks with ease. It offers convenience and automated control. Now locking or unlocking doors, managing home security and doing other stuff from a remote location is available.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots
Artificial intelligence and chatbots have made it easy for businesses to interact in real-time. It has given businesses improved user engagement while saving bucks. Many React Native App Development Companies are using these trends for their clients offering transportation services, online shopping and food delivery apps.

5G Technology in 2021
With a speed range of 100 GBPS and offering 100 times faster technology in comparison to 4G, this technological trend is leading the standard data transmission in the upcoming five years with millions of devices.

React Native App Developers can make use of 5G technology for compute-intensive apps. Gaming and 4k video streaming businesses can enhance their business performance.

Beacons Technology
By sending Bluetooth signals to other devices, beacon technology simplifies location-based searching. Basically, beacons are small transmitters and indoor positioning systems. React native app development companies by designing clear mapping with the implementation of capable product display.

Predictive Analytics
By analyzing large chunks of data, predictive analytics can predict the future. Data mining, statistics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning help improve the user journey across the UX/UI. It is expected that predictive analytics will be in demand due to the growth of computing strength, storage, and data.

Every improvement in the mobile application industry leverages new technology. It helps businesses to become digitized and understand customers in a better way. The invariable state of advancement is what we cannot forget. With each changing year, we’ll be noticing new technologies coming to the way of React Native App Development Companies. But with the arrival of new trends comes a piece of advice too of choosing each tread carefully to help your business experience improved ROI, better leads and overall organizational success.